Jul 30

Guys’ Night Out: 5 Things To Do on the Main Street Strip

Posted on July 30, 2019 at 5:27 PM by Gabriela Moore

A map of the Main Street Strip
By: Jeremiah Galo

1. Two Wheel

On the south end of Main Street not too far from the downtown scene you’ll find the first and only craft brewery in Buda -- a unique brewery with an eclectic variety of beers to quench your thirst. As soon as you enter, you can feel the 80's vibe featuring fascinating wall art and
Guys clinking beer glasses at Two Wheel
painted skateboards mounted on the wall. With a good deal of outdoor benches and board games you can grab, this is a great place to visit when passing time with your buds. An unquestionable local favorite is the Budaful Blonde. This blonde ale has a nice citrus and malt flavor that has a smooth sip. And if you’re like us, you always have to ask the bartender their current favorite. The Race Pointe IPA with a fruity aroma of pineapple and mango came highly recommended by Two Wheel. They are constantly crafting new brews, so there is always a reason to come back and try more.
Guys playing Foosball at Two Wheel

Two Wheel Brewing Co.

535 S LOOP 4

Buda, TX 78610

(512) 361-3401


Wed 4pm-9pm (Roll of the Dice) 

Thu 4pm-9pm (Happy Hour ALL DAY) 

Fri 4pm-10pm (Happy hour 4pm-7pm)

Sat 12pm-10pm

Sun 12pm-8pm

2. The Cigar Vault

The only town you’ll find a bank vault of hand-selected cigars is here in the heart of Downtown Buda. A great place for a get together at a one-of-a-kind historic location. From the outside, it may come across as a vintage shop, but when you walk in you’ll
Lit Cigar resting at the Cigar Vault
find an easy going lounge with classic leather sofas to unwind, smoke cigars and have a few beers.
With such a large variety of cigars to choose from, staff is ready to provide recommendations based on your tastes all while doing a fantastic job of making you feel welcomed. Head outside and down the alleyway to find a big open patio with live music performances and a food truck on the weekends.
Group conversing in alley by Cigar Vault.

The Cigar Vault


Buda, TX  78610

(512) 361-3289

Hours: Sun-Thu 12pm-8pm; Fri-Sat 10am-11pm

3. Willie’s Joint If you’ve been to Buda and you haven’t checked out Willie’s yet then you’re missing out. This BBQ restaurant and bar has room for everyone and is ideal for large groups of people to have a good experience, while enjoying some live entertainment outside. They have live entertainment on occasions, and we just so happened to come on a day where they had open Karaoke outside (and as always, Margaritaville was the top hit). Whether you’re throwing washers with the boys or owning jumbo Jenga, the experience outside at Willie’s is unmatched with so much to do, and if you come with an appetite, their BBQ won’t disappoint and is sure to fill you up. Recognized as one of the top margaritas in town and plenty of drink options from both inside or at the outdoor bar, there is no doubt you can find a drink here that satisfies your sips--or gulps. 

Guys drinking at Willie's

Willie’s Joint


Buda, TX 78610

(512) 295-0483


Mon-Tue 2pm-1am 

Wed-Thur 11:30am-1am 

Fri-Sat 11:30am-2pm

Sun 11:30am-1am 

4. Growler Express Further down the strip, you’ll find this local taproom that works to serve local Texas breweries straight from the tap. They currently carry 24 taps that offer a unique variety of craft beers like (512) Brewing Company and SpindleTap Brewery. Invite your friends here to watch sporting games and events inside or compete with the collection of board games they offer (they even have dominoes). Everyone here is very conversational and friendly which helps to keep the bar vibe very laid back and open. This is a remarkable place to bring your friends to try top craft beers around Texas, while avoiding the large crowds of Austin taprooms. You can drink pints from the tap, in a can, or try multiple at once with flights. If you’re out during the day, you definitely want to invite some of your buddies out for a refreshing selection of beers to choose from at Growler!

Beer taps at Growler Express

Growler Express

1567 MAIN STREET #800

Buda, TX 78610

(512) 361-0911

Hours: Mon-Fri 4pm-10pm; Sat 2pm-10pm; Sun 2pm-9pm

5. Pinballz Kingdom Have you ever noticed a red dragon on top of a castle going up I-35 North? Well, it’s not just your imagination or a renaissance shop, it's actually an arcade! But not just any arcade either, Pinballz is an arcade designed for both the young and young at heart. With many classic game

Guys playing a beer pong game at Pinballz

machines from Space Invaders and Galaga to the newer generation of games -- and of course plenty of pinball machines -- there are more than enough games for your group to play while you’re here. They also have a full-service bar and kitchen, which kept us there playing games longer than we expected. Although the variety of top-notch games featured at Pinballz tends to be the highlight of this place, the food there is simply undeniable--not to mention they have earned recognition for the best burger in town. We got to try their Pulled Pork sandwich and The Kingdom Burger, but we all were so full that we had to take a minute to rest before testing out the arcade games.

Guys eating and laughing at Pinballz

Pinballz Kingdom

15201 S IH 35

Buda, TX 78610

(512) 523-4080

Hours: Sun-Thur 10am-12am; Fri-Sat 10am-2am

May 31

BBQ Scene in Buda is Taking on the Big Players

Posted on May 31, 2019 at 4:53 PM by Gabriela Moore

by Jeremiah Galo

Shugabees Brisket

1. Shugabee’s

Comfort, country-style is the best way to describe this Texas BBQ trailer. The unique aesthetics of the trailer and fenced yard for seating really set the tone for the delicious meal it had to offer. To start off, we ordered a ½ lb. of lean cut brisket which came neatly wrapped in a fresh 12 in. homemade tortilla. We were given their specialty-made sauces, but first, we wanted to see if the brisket could hold its own without the help of any add-ons. The first biteShugabees Trailer with drive thru gave us a soft, juicy and tender chunk of meat. It was a thick slice, but well-cut, as it was not tough to chew. The meat had a different flavor, other than the traditional smokey aftertaste. The fat on the brisket is what held most of the flavor to give a savory taste of good seasoning. After the first few bites of eating the brisket with tortilla, we decided to crank up the heat. This is when the special sauces came into play.

Shugabee’s Unique Sauces -

Mustard Twang: If you think Honey Mustard is your go-to sauce, you haven’t tried this twang.

Shugabee’s Orange-Habanero Honey: Sweet with a hint spicy, you could distinctively taste both the honey and habanero (couldn’t stop pouring on the brisket taco).

Shugabee’s Habanero Sting: If you like spicy definitely pour this on your BBQ, but be careful because when you’re dealing with this sauce, it will sting.

Loui's Brisket plate with elote and mac and cheese

2. Louie’s

Tucked away in Downtown Buda you’ll find a modern, colorful, tex-mex style food trailer welcoming you to take a seat at their BBQ filled table. There were plenty of benches in this courtyard where the trailer and BBQ pits were set up together. After getting our food, we could smell the smokiness of the brisket on the walk to our seats. The bark on the outside layer was a nice dark color, while the inside had a nice smoke ring hue just underneath the bark giving it Loui's sign on gatethe perfect details to a well-cooked Texas brisket. Before taking a bite of the meat, we could not keep our eyes off how delish the sides looked. We ordered a side of a cheesy mac-n-cheese along with smoked elote (as anyone who loves tex-mex knows -- street corn). This corn was prepared exactly the way we like it and added a Texas BBQ twist to the meal. It was tempting to stuff our faces with a spoonful of corn and mac, but we stayed strong and took bites of the BBQ brisket we came to try first. The texture of the brisket was tender and had a satisfying smokey flavor with slices that were thick and flavor-packed. The homemade BBQ sauce added a tangy touch to the brisket that we’re 100% here for! You could argue that this BBQ trailer is a secret gem of the downtown dining scene.

Willie's BBQ Brisket Plate

3. Willie’s Joint

Making our way into the last destination, we got a distinct western and Texan vibe from this Bar and BBQ joint. The outdoor space is perfect for any entertainment and outdoor dining experience. Inside the restaurant, we ordered our meal and helped ourselves to a serving of pickles, jalapenos and their very own original BBQ sauce and Mustard BBQ sauce. We patiently waited to taste the sauces until our food was brought out. Our order for the day was a ¼ lb. of lean-cut brisket with a side of spicy baked beans and potato salad. The brisket slices held a nice pink color and smoke ring while juices dripped off the inside layer. The first bite gave us a moist, mouth-watering taste with a soft texture. The fat held onto the juicy flavor, Washer pit and tables at Willie's Jointhowever, the brisket overall had a unique blend of spices and seasoning. It gave us enough flavor to enjoy without requiring the addition of any sauces, but we did add some just for looks. The original BBQ sauce was sweet, thick and peppery, while the Mustard BBQ sauce packed a zesty and tangy kick to the brisket. After lighting up our taste buds with the brisket and homemade sauces, we shifted our focus on the sides. The potato salad was a good mixture of ingredients to give a sweet and creamy flavor. Taking on the spicy baked beans, we were surprised by the balance of sweet and moderate spicy bites of these Texas BBQ style beans. The sides did a great job of adding a sweet kick to the sharp taste of BBQ.  

Sep 18

Burgers of Buda, TX

Posted on September 18, 2017 at 10:22 PM by Lysa Gonzalez

So you know when you get have a craving for a really good burger? Though us Texan’s take pride in how good our Whataburger is, it will never be quite good enough to curb our craving for a perfectly seasoned, juicy hunk of Texas burger. So when fast food burgers just don’t cut it, we created a menu of the most popular burger’s across Buda. This list is so good it’ll make Hamburglar wish he wasn’t stealing from McDonald's.

Dynamic Duo: Pinballz Kingdom's own “Texas Burger”

Pinballz  Burger

With a bit of hesitation over the BBQ sauce, and a reassuring “don’t worry you’ll love our burger”, Pinballz Kingdom served us the perfect burger. Yes, I just made that claim. I didn’t know I would love the BBQ sauce on this burger so much and the onion rings are exactly how every onion ring should be made. We ordered the meat cooked medium, and it made for just the right amount of drip. They piled it high with a hunky slice of cheddar cheese, perfectly crisp bacon, crunchy onion rings, all topped with tangy BBQ sauce. Every ingredient perfect on its own, but together made for a dang good burger. Also, if you’re reading this and imagining how much of a mess you’ll make on your freshly pressed shirt, this burger surprisingly stays together until the very last bite. We will definitely be back to try the #2 favorite: Hatch Lava Burger.

Charred to Perfection: Tavern on Main’s own “Jalapeno-Cheddar Burger”

Tavern Burger

A juicy center, flavorful charred edges, crisp jalapenos, need we say more? If you are like me, you are a lover of the edges. Brownies? Give me the corner piece. Square pizza?  Yes please with those burnt cheesy corners. There really is something about those crispy edges that hold the flavor so well. And with the burger from the Tavern on Main, you get to enjoy your favorite edge on the first AND last bite. Even the cheese has crispy edges! They assembled a tasty classic burger with 6 ounces of beef, a thick slice of cheddar cheese, and fresh cut grilled jalapenos in between a jalapeno cheddar bun. The jalapeno cheddar burger  was just the right amount of different (and delicious) to make it our go to classic burger.

Brooklyn Down South’s own “The 967 Burger”

Brooklyns Burger

Welcome to your perfect combination of sweet and spicy. Devour a ½ pound of beef topped with spicy bacon jalapeno jam, thin cut onion rings, american cheese, topped with an egg all in between a sourdough honey bun. When you hear jam you usually expect it to be sweet, but it had a welcome spiciness that quickly became my favorite part of the burger. If you haven’t ever tried adding an egg to this burger from Brooklyn's Down South this might be a good place to start. We loved how it added just the right amount of egg flavor. Only thing I would ask for next time is an over easy egg instead of medium so I can experience the runny yolk with this already juicy burger. Just don’t wear your freshly pressed shirt to this table--you’re in for a delicious mess!

Cabela’s own “Hawaiian Bison Burger”

Cabelas burger 2

After trying the sweet and spicy combo from Brooklyn’s, we were feeling a bit adventurous and tried the Hawaiian bison burger from Cabela’s. If you’re one of those oddballs who likes pineapple on your pizza, this is the burger for you. Cabela’s took a cafeteria-style burger and made it gourmet with your choice of angus, bison, or elk patties, pepper jack cheese, two thick slices of pineapple, all topped with tangy Korean BBQ sauce. The bison patty on this burger is a great place to start if you’re nervous about venturing off from beef, chicken or pork. Though the korean BBQ sauce was our favorite part of this creation, next time we will probably stick with toppings that are a bit more classic, just so we can enjoy the gamey juicy flavor of the bison. Avocado Bison Burger date at Cabela’s? I’d say yes to that.

Did we miss a burger? Give us a reason to try it out! We are always looking for new food to try in Buda. Though after this we should probably stick with salads for a while.