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Nov 19

Stick to the Grind: How Buda's Skatepark Shreds

Posted to Adventure Friday by Veronica Tierno

My second adventure was to Jackson Tyler Norris Memorial Skatepark!

Everyone in the skateboarding community has their reasons for becoming interested in skateboarding. Mine rooted from my dad being a skateboarder when he was younger. He bought me my first skateboard when I was in late elementary school. I picked up nickelboarding in college and later had the urge to learn tricks and go to skateparks to be able to do more than I could ever do on a nickelboard. My dad helped me pick out a skateboard about six months ago, and I’ve been keeping up with it ever since. Buda’s park has been helping me ease back into it at a pace that works for me. One thing I enjoy about Buda’s skatepark is the fact that it’s a fun park to go to even when you can’t do tricks.

The Jackson Tyler Norris Memorial Skatepark holds a lot of sentiment to the Buda community, skater or not. This park was opened in late 2013 as a memorial to Jackson Norris to provide a safe space for skaters of all skill levels.

Though skating on the street can be fun, it can also be dangerous. Founder of Buda’s own Inspiration Skateboard, David Sweet says, “The skatepark has made a huge positive impact on the community by giving skaters a place to be safe and stay out of trouble.” Having a skate park in town gives local skaters a place to go to try out their new tricks in a safe environment.

There is no doubt that skateboarders have long had a negative stigma attached to them. Skateboarding is a great exercise. It gives kids and adults a fun, challenging sport to be a part of, while staying a tight knit community. Sweet has long been an advocate of spreading the positivity of skateboarding. “Skateboarders often get a bad rep, and I get it. There are always those bad apples out there, but Inspiration is about how skateboarding can be a healthy part of your adolescence, and teach you life lessons that you’ll use for years to come,” Sweet says.

Stop by Buda and check out the park! It is open seven days a week from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.



Sep 18

Burgers of Buda, TX

Posted to Happy Trails by Lysa Gonzalez

So you know when you get have a craving for a really good burger? Though us Texan’s take pride in how good our Whataburger is, it will never be quite good enough to curb our craving for a perfectly seasoned, juicy hunk of Texas burger. So when fast food burgers just don’t cut it, we created a menu of the most popular burger’s across Buda. This list is so good it’ll make Hamburglar wish he wasn’t stealing from McDonald's.

Dynamic Duo: Pinballz Kingdom's own “Texas Burger”

Pinballz  Burger

With a bit of hesitation over the BBQ sauce, and a reassuring “don’t worry you’ll love our burger”, Pinballz Kingdom served us the perfect burger. Yes, I just made that claim. I didn’t know I would love the BBQ sauce on this burger so much and the onion rings are exactly how every onion ring should be made. We ordered the meat cooked medium, and it made for just the right amount of drip. They piled it high with a hunky slice of cheddar cheese, perfectly crisp bacon, crunchy onion rings, all topped with tangy BBQ sauce. Every ingredient perfect on its own, but together made for a dang good burger. Also, if you’re reading this and imagining how much of a mess you’ll make on your freshly pressed shirt, this burger surprisingly stays together until the very last bite. We will definitely be back to try the #2 favorite: Hatch Lava Burger.

Charred to Perfection: Tavern on Main’s own “Jalapeno-Cheddar Burger”

Tavern Burger

A juicy center, flavorful charred edges, crisp jalapenos, need we say more? If you are like me, you are a lover of the edges. Brownies? Give me the corner piece. Square pizza?  Yes please with those burnt cheesy corners. There really is something about those crispy edges that hold the flavor so well. And with the burger from the Tavern on Main, you get to enjoy your favorite edge on the first AND last bite. Even the cheese has crispy edges! They assembled a tasty classic burger with 6 ounces of beef, a thick slice of cheddar cheese, and fresh cut grilled jalapenos in between a jalapeno cheddar bun. The jalapeno cheddar burger  was just the right amount of different (and delicious) to make it our go to classic burger.

Brooklyn Down South’s own “The 967 Burger”

Brooklyns Burger

Welcome to your perfect combination of sweet and spicy. Devour a ½ pound of beef topped with spicy bacon jalapeno jam, thin cut onion rings, american cheese, topped with an egg all in between a sourdough honey bun. When you hear jam you usually expect it to be sweet, but it had a welcome spiciness that quickly became my favorite part of the burger. If you haven’t ever tried adding an egg to this burger from Brooklyn's Down South this might be a good place to start. We loved how it added just the right amount of egg flavor. Only thing I would ask for next time is an over easy egg instead of medium so I can experience the runny yolk with this already juicy burger. Just don’t wear your freshly pressed shirt to this table--you’re in for a delicious mess!

Cabela’s own “Hawaiian Bison Burger”

Cabelas burger 2

After trying the sweet and spicy combo from Brooklyn’s, we were feeling a bit adventurous and tried the Hawaiian bison burger from Cabela’s. If you’re one of those oddballs who likes pineapple on your pizza, this is the burger for you. Cabela’s took a cafeteria-style burger and made it gourmet with your choice of angus, bison, or elk patties, pepper jack cheese, two thick slices of pineapple, all topped with tangy Korean BBQ sauce. The bison patty on this burger is a great place to start if you’re nervous about venturing off from beef, chicken or pork. Though the korean BBQ sauce was our favorite part of this creation, next time we will probably stick with toppings that are a bit more classic, just so we can enjoy the gamey juicy flavor of the bison. Avocado Bison Burger date at Cabela’s? I’d say yes to that.

Did we miss a burger? Give us a reason to try it out! We are always looking for new food to try in Buda. Though after this we should probably stick with salads for a while.

Feb 12

Your 2019 Gift Guide for Valentine's Day

Posted to Valentine's Day - Your Gift Giving Guide by Lysa Gonzalez

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and if your like most of us here at the Buda Visitor Center, you've probably procrastinated on your Valentine’s gifts this year. In effort to help you skip the marathon gift search and make your Valentine’s astronomically more enjoyable - we have put together the perfect local gift guide. This guide skips the ransacked aisles of the big box stores and offers gifts as unique as your Valentine from Buda’s locally owned businesses.

Valentine's Gift Guide for the Ladies in Your Life 
gals gift guide

1. Rachel's Plan Bee Body Butter; Little Blue Bird on Main Give the gift of silky soft skin. Rachel’s Plan Bee Body Butter is made locally in Buda with organic products and free of those scary words like phthalates, parabens, petrochemicals, and artificial fragrances. 2. Trekz Air Wireless Open Ear Bone Conducting Headphones;The Budaful Hiker.

The Budaful Hiker has the best gear for novice and avid hikers. These headphones are one of our favorites. If your loved one loves music you need to check these bad boys out. These headphones sit right outside the ear. This technology allows you to hear surrounding noises while still listening to your favorite music or podcast. You can now safely wear headphones while riding your bike, running, and hiking.

3. Swig 12 oz. Wine Tumbler: Lavish Leathers Springtime is on its way and this tumbler is the perfect accessory to keep your favorite wine chilled for festivals, cookouts and sporting events. Not to mention, that you’ll look stylish while sippin’. 4. Morse Code Bracelet; Ellipses Boutique

With this adorable bracelet you don’t need to say anything, it does all the talking for you! The placement of the beads are placed in morse code. With so many other phrases available at Ellipses Boutique now everytime your spouse, girlfriend, mom, or special someone looks down they’ll always be reminded of your special words. 5. Texas Wall Decor; Thatcher

When you’re from Texas, that Texas pride don’t stop y’all. Especially when it could be hung for all to see. This handmade wall decor is made deep in the heart of Texas, Austin. It makes for a perfect piece to tie any room together. 6. Throw Blanket; Lavish Leathers

Embrace your loved one in warmth with a throw that spreads it. For that home decor fanatic stop by Lavish Leathers for a unique throw that can elevate any room while keeping guests cozy and warm. 7. Artisan Earrings; The Mercantile at Mill Grain

When time has caught up to you and you still feel like gifting a handmade gift we suggest you go straight to these stylish handmade earrings. 8. Magnolia Home Candle; Ellipses

These candles not only look good, but embrace the whole room with a clean and refreshing fragrance. With these candles candles, it’s hard to go wrong. 9. Dog Cookies; Shaggy Dog

Don’t forget your loved one’s best friend this Valentine’s Day.  These dog cookies look so good that it deceives the human eye. You might even get a little green with envy seeing your favorite K9 enjoying these cute cookies. 10. Premium Cocktails; Proof

They say there’s no better way to get to your love’s heart than through their stomach. Why not stop by Proof for a delicious sandwich and picking up one of their premium cocktails. They feature curated premium cocktails with several flavors such as the cosmopolitan, the aviator, margarita, and pineapple jalapeño just to name a few. This gift will be perfect for the end of a long day.

Valentine's Gift Guide for the Men in Your Life
Final Mens Guide 1. Growler of Craft Brew; Growler Express

Can’t find your man’s favorite six pack? Let Growler Express do the work this Valentine’s Day. The experts at Growler Express will help you find the perfect brew to match your partners taste and steer you towards new innovative beers.

2.  Trekz Air Wireless Open Ear Bone Conducting Headphones;The Budaful Hiker

A gift so nice, it’s on our list twice. See ladies guide item number two to see why we would give this to any of our Valentines.

3. Golf Bag Humidor; The Cigar Vault

This stylish humidor fits up to eight cigars. This funky gift also comes with a cigar cutter that fits nicely into the set, as well as a premium humidifier. This gift also doubles for our ladies gift list. According to the Cigar Vault, almost 40% of their customers are women.

4. American Whiskey, Bourbon & Rye Guide; Thatcher

Most of us have heard of Whiskey Bourbon and Rye, but do we understand the differences that make these spirits unique and popular? Probably not, that’s why we thought Valentine’s is the perfect time to crack open this book and learn a little something with your love while enjoying a fine spirit. They will become an expert and impress their friends at the bar or party in no time.

5. Drunken Pup Dog treats.

For your man’s best friend, Drunken Pup is an innovative, local dog biscuit company. This unique dog eatery creates their delectable snacks with beer grain. That’s right, beer grain! Another cool fact, local brewery, Two Wheel provides Drunken Pup with the grain needed for the treats!

6. Two Wheel Brewing 6-pack.; Two Wheel Brewing

Local brewers at Two Wheel are pleased to announce that they will now be selling 6 packs of their Racepointe IPA and the Xlerated American Lager. These craft brews run from $8-12 and are brewed right here in Buda. Make it a date and visit Two Wheel this Valentines Day for flights, games, and good people.

7. Rye Barrel Aged Maple Syrup; Mercantile at Mill & Grain

This sweet treat will give your pancakes that extra oomf this Valentine's Day. Make your whiskey lover’s dream come true with a big plate of flapjacks, covered in this rich and unique maple syrup.

8.Mix-O-logie Roll-On Cologne; The Red Door

Yes ladies it’s the truth! Your favorite Roll-On Perfume has come out with a Men’s line. You can choose from four different fragrances at The Red Door. For Valentines Day we recommend No. III (Seductive and Sophisticated), it expresses notes of clove, rose, timber, and vanilla.